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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No More Burning Bushes Just Hot Feet

I'm all about being free. Nothing stopping me from doing what God is calling me daily to do in my life. Notice  that I didn't say I want my LIFE calling. It is very rare that someone will get a LIFE calling. It is extremely likely that we ALL have a daily calling. I used to beat myself up that maybe I wasn't hearing God about what to do with my life and why in the world I wasn't in "full time ministry" yet and how I messed up hearing His direction and being really disappointed in myself and in my life. Have you ever felt this way? Condemnation equals misery. I wasn't miserable for some hidden sin, I was miserable about how to serve God! Talk about pride.

 My focus has shifted from lifetime direction to daytime direction. I want to hear and know His voice today. Being so selfish makes this an extremely overwhelming task sometimes!

There is a place I can go where direction is clear and where self direction has no place. The Word. God's complete truth. I don't have to question it or compare it or waste time wondering if Adam and Eve had a belly button (this is called distraction).

I want His word to tell me exactly what my "greater call" is and how it should include that I have a right to be selfish, that people owe me love and respect, that I should be honored, that I should get to choose what I do with my time, that I should get all the stuff my little American heart desires, now!

Of course, it gives clear direction to the call on my life and says the complete opposite: My sheep hear my voice (John 10:27), train your children (Proverbs 22:6), train younger women in the faith (Titus 2:4), put others above yourself (Phil 2:3), seek first MY kingdom (Matthew 6:33), do not hold on to worldly possessions (Matthew 6:19) and hardest of all...lay down your life (Matthew 16:24).

 I don't need a burning bush I just need some hot feet! There is a lot to do here and most of it should consume my day. Not in a legalistic way, I'm not earning anything. Salvation was a free gift. I desire to do these things because of that gift. I just use what I do have: today.  If I can painfully push my agenda aside and lay at His feet for a little while, He will direct me, today. When I do this, I am open to hear that still, small voice that renders the possibilities of my day in Him limitless!

Please don't expect a burning bush of direction, there was only one, so no more excuses. We now have the Holy Spirit of God in us to direct us. Expect small, gentle whispers to your heart. Expect amazing things to happen when you obey the whispers. Pray for discernment and the grace (provision and favor) to obey. Even if it means confessing your sin to someone for accountability. Get that sin out of the way so you CAN hear Him. Make that phone call to someone you trust.

Have you ever felt the "urge" to do something and then wimped out because it would be too weird or too much trouble? Or have you ever purposefully distracted yourself so you could ignore it?

When you obey, it takes the lid off of the jar of potential for your day, for your life. Even YOU have the dynamic potential to obey His voice and change the course of eternity in your life and the lives of those around you.

Reveal Your heart to me today Father, have Your way in my life! Give me Your eyes for my day and the lives around me. I surrender to Your direction. Please bless me with quick, hot feet to obey Your whispers. 

Psalm 37:23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in EVERY DETAIL of their lives. NLT

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Lucinda Threesamebirthdays said...

SO true... what a beautiful message! Thank you for sharing it, Julie. ;)