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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Prep-Phase Day 17, 40 B4 40: Who will you 'offend' today?

(I am praying and fasting on and off for 40 days b4 my 40 B4 40 countdown to my 40th bday. I want to see God move in those last days of my 30's. I'm choosing not to pout, I'm choosing to pour out!)

According to the media, lately, and well for years now, I could have really offended some people this week.

I went with my husband and girls to get my hubby's hair cut. He only has one guy that can deal with that thick mop on his head, Pat.

Pat has been diagnosed with cancer. There is nothing anyone but God can do but pray. It's a done deal in the eyes of doctors. However you would never know it by how he looks on the outside. Tan, fit, trendy clothes and European eye glasses. White teeth and a great personality.

As I sat in the shop waiting, the opposite walked in, "John". John was loud, gruff, super macho with the language to prove it. My hubby got him to talk about his job and he ate it up. My girls and I witnessed a very intense and interesting conversation about motors-peppered with some spicy lingo. (I never say anything when that happens, I just use it as a learning tool later. And a vocabulary builder! ;) We homeschool, everything counts. That's a post for later, maybe.)

I knew absolutely that I was supposed to pray with Pat before we left. I was pretty pumped. Not everyone is like me or has to be, but this is my thing. I'm not shy, at all, ever. (I found out that shyness is actually pride- it still doesn't mean that God made us all the same.) So when we got up to leave I shook Pat's hand but we didn't let go. Our eyes locked and I told him we had been praying for his healing, praying for a miracle but most of all praying for his soul. He thanked me and I asked if I could pray for him now. He agreed!  By this time "John" was in the chair next to me with his bib on ready for a cut. I didn't even think- I just put my hand on his shoulder and said, "John", do you mind if I pray for you, too? Sure! Alrighty then, away we went, to The Throne Room. Petitioning the Father on the men's behalf. My girls and hubby joined in. It was quite the thing. The presence of the Lord was in the barbershop. They both thanked me. Tears.

They were not offended that I had offered to pray, they liked it.

Today we delivered cookies to all of our closest neighbors. What started out being planned as quick drop-offs turned into a major prayer vigil at 2 houses! One of our favorite retired neighbor's wife is in rehab and not recovering, so the girls and I prayed. Not just for her, but for him. The Lord showed up in the foyer. Tears.

He was not offended that I offered to pray, he liked it. 

Then on to a new neighbor I hadn't met yet. As the girls and I were interviewing her and she us, we found out that we both knew who Dave Ramsey was. I gave her our "debt free" testimony and asked her what her plan was. Her eyes lit up. She said that she had been praying about finances. Her Christian friend had said that she felt like our neighbor would get some confirmations today. Our neighbor said she just knew we counted as one of them! She knew she was supposed to continue on with the financial plan to get out of debt. I encouraged her to tithe to a ministry since she had not found a church yet. We prayed and God showed up on the front porch. Tears.

She was not offended that I offered to pray, she liked it. 

People are hurting, they need a touch from God, whether they are a believer or not. You may need a touch from Him.  I'm not hurting at the moment, but I need a touch from God. He created me to need Him, want Him, desire Him. We are all that way by divine design! The best way to get over the dumps of whatever you're walking through is to go 'offend' someone and pray with them. And if you don't feel the time is right, intercede, offer to pump their gas, pull down their trash can on trash day, clean their bathroom. Do the hard stuff.

The more uncomfortable and awkward it is for you, the more they need for you to do it so they feel love.

His love.

James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins one to another and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

They will not be offended that you offer, they will like it.

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